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New Idria Reference Documents

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The New Idria Story, Told as it Happened. A collection of journal and press clippings from 1852 to current. 129-pages, spiral bound, 8.5x11".

Theft and Destruction of Historic Resources at Idria, California. 78-page report, spiral bound, 8.5x11".

New Idria Mining District Research Bibliography. 12-page, spiral bound, 8.5x11".

Visitor Risk Survey for New Idria. 16-page, spiral bound report, 8.5x11".

New Idria Area List of Fauna and Flora, 8.5x11".

New Idria Death and Burial List, 8.5x11".

New Idria Mining District 1887 Topographical Map - High-resolution color reproduction of original.

Department of Parks and Recreation. Acquisition Proposal and Initial Investigation. 1973 report. 9 pages, 8.5x11".

New Idria History Presentation.

Inventory of Historic Resources at Idria, California. Summary Report. 46 pages, spiral bound.

New Idria Historic Survey, Document 175 historical sites, includes a site map and floor plan sketches for many buildings. Exceeds 600 pages.

Copy of historical and research dataset (approximately 100,000 pages) Contact

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