How you can help Three Rocks Research

We thank all of the special people whose gifts and financial support make our work possible. Thank You. Three Rocks Research depends on your help and support, and you can help in many ways:

  • First, your financial support helps pay field and office expenses, and also develops live public and web presentations. There are no paid employees, so no money is wasted on wage or other similar expenses. Financial support is an important way of participating in Three Rocks Research projects that provide a stable foundation for success.

  • Secondly, donation of needed tools, equipment and books save us the expense of purchasing them. Other donations such as old vehicles or things that we don't need or can't use give you a nice tax deduction and help us with fundraising. Last year we received a very nice projector and screen (both new) for doing public presentations, and many important books were also donated to our library. We also received several artifact donations for New Idria Mining Museum.

  • Thirdly, donations of talent keeps things moving. Our web presentations involved many hundreds of hours to develops and requires several hours a week to maintain. Our newsletter content, The Three Rocks Report, is planned at our annual meeting and then requires several hours each month to draft, proof and publish. Behind the scene however, several thousand hours of research and fieldwork laid the foundations for these presentations, the newsletter, and our public presentations. You donation of talent, time and labor can improve our web presentations, get our newsletter out on schedule and helps us conduct better fieldwork.

  • Fourthly, donations of time allow us to accomplish much more. Using your GPS, compass and camera, you can photograph and document historic sites and artifacts in the field. At a library or museum, you can research and copy important reference material, or at home with your computer, you can scan and digitize historic documents. Contact us to learn more way you can help.

  • Finally, do something - fight mannequinism by getting involved. Donate, volunteer and encourage others to support and donate to Three Rocks Research.

Three Rocks Research and its volunteers promote and adhere to the Society for California Archaeology's Code of Ethical Guidelines and the Society for Historical Archaeology's Ethical Principles. Volunteers are required to agree with those standards and to sign a confidentiality agreement and liability release.

Your Donation is Tax-Deductible.

Three Rocks Research is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that conducts historical and scientific research in central California. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to help.

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